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Basic Information

Welcome to Solewelt Bad Salzungen!
Discover the power of the oldest natural medicines - Salt. Our natural salt in Bad Salzungen comes from the depths of the earth and therefore contains many
different minerals. In Bad Salzungen it is extracted in three different concentrations: 1, 6 and 27 percent. An optimized composition lets it release its natural healing strength as a remedy to various breathing, joint and skin ailments or disorders. Discover our SOLEWELT with the sections: SOLE Respiratory Center, Prevention and Fitness Center, Dead Sea Salt Cave, Active Pool, Sauna Land, Wellness and Health Center Come to Bad Salzungen and use the Salt for your health and comfort.
Our Motto:
SO LEbe ich gesund! or Salt is the key to good health!
Look forward to a special experience - We are looking forward to your special visit!
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Call: +49 36 95-69 34-0 or E-mail us at info@solewelt.de
For detailed information visit or website: www.solewelt.de
Tip: More information of the exact consistency of the salt at Bad Salzungen can be found at: www.gradierwerk-badsalzungen.de